• Distance:
  • 240km / 149 mi
  • Duration:
  • 4:09:36

Georgian Bay is South Central Ontario cottage country. Get there from Toronto in 2 hours or in 3 hours from the border crossing from Niagara Falls. Motorcycle tourism is a high priority in the region so you'll find a bunch of motorcycle friendly B&B, hotels and restaurants and of course, great roads.

This route is broken up into 2 legs, Collingwood to Eugenia, to Meaford then back to Collingwood. Then, from Collingwood to Wasaga Beach to Penetanguishene and wrapping up in Waubaushene. Take your time to explore the area, for more information on where to sleep and eat in the Georgian Bay area see: http://esr.cc/KLrxQs

Collingwood is a pretty big town of about 20,000 on the South shore of Georgian Bay. It gets very busy in winter due to the ski hill. From Collingwood to Eugenia to Meaford and back can be done in less than 3 hours or 85 miles (135 km). The roads here are long straight-a-ways, with the beautiful scenery of Georgian Bay's waters as a backdrop. For information on Collingwood see: http://esr.cc/KB2Xm6

Photo credit: Town of Collingwood - http://esr.cc/KB2Xm6

Start the motorcycle ride from Collingwood head to Scenic Caves Road. Ride your motorcycle to the top of Blue Mountain Lookout for breathtaking views of Georgian Bay. Then go to 260 Scenic Caves Road to visit a popular attraction called Scenic Caves Adventures or continue riding on to Eugenia.

At Scenic Cave you can walk on Ontario's largest suspension bridge a 126 meter hike along a narrow bridge 300 meters high. There is also some fun zip lining through the trees, gemstone mining, a trout pond, mini golf a picnic area. Explore the labyrinth of caves in Blue Mountain as you enjoy some spelunking and adventure tours. The Ice Caves in Blue Mountain are so deep that you can still see snow and ice into the summer. Make a reservation ahead of time if you'd like to check it out and get back on your motorcycle as quick as possible. More information on Scenic Caves and reservations see: http://esr.cc/NOOnF0

Photo credit: Visit Georgian Bay - http://esr.cc/MN7hiK

Photo credit: Scenic Caves Adventures - http://esr.cc/NOOnF0

From Scenic Caves ride along the Niagara Escarpment to Eugenia. I suggest you take the scenic route North along the shore of Georgian Bay through the town of Thornbury then South-West through Clarksburg and Heathcote.

While in Eugenia you may want to take in the popular hiking trails to Eugenia Falls and Eugenia Lake. The community was made popular in 1850 after a Gold Rush, however in 1880 it was discovered that the gold was in fact Pyrite or "Fool's Gold". Every year in memory of the false gold rush, Eugenia hosts "Gold Rush Days", a weekend of celebration throughout the community. The festival includes food vendors, music, car shows, and a silent auction. The festival takes place at the end of June. For more information on the Gold Rush Festival go to: http://esr.cc/Li3vIv

From Eugenia head North to Meaford a town of 11,000 people located on the Georgian Bay shore North West of Collingwood. Ride your bike to the top of Irish Mountain Lookout for another stunning view of the area. If your stomach is starting to grumble, consider stopping by Ted's Range Road Diner located at Grey Rd. 112, RR1Meaford, ON, N4L 1W5 where you are very likely to see several bikes parked out front. More information on Ted's Range Road Diner see: http://esr.cc/L6BLIp

Photo credit: Visit Georgian Bay - http://esr.cc/MN7hiK

Photo credit: Ted's Range Road Diner - http://esr.cc/L6BLIp

From Meaford head back to Collingwood on Highway 26. The road hugs the shore to the South East to Wasaga Beach: a popular beach destination. It's a great place to stay overnight at one of the many motorcycle friendly local hotels or B&B's. The Wasaga Beach to Waubashene portion of the route takes 3 hours in 90 miles (145 km) Because this route has so many stops I broke the ride into 2 portions Collingwood to Wasaga Beach then Wasaga beach to Waubashene.

Wasaga Beach is a town of 17,500, it's home to the world's longest freshwater beach. If you rode here continuously, park your bike. After 3 hours of riding you earned some relaxation time, take a stroll on the boardwalk, catch some rays or watch some beach volleyball.

Photo credit - Ontario Motorcycle Rides - http://esr.cc/Lg0Ocm

From Wasaga Beach continue riding North-East on River Road and Tiny Beaches Road to Penetanguishene a town of 9,300 people located on the South Eastern shore of Georgian Bay. Penetanguishene is a historic naval and military base called Discovery Harbour it was built to safeguard Canada during the War of 1812, it's a great stop for the history buff. For more information on Discovery Harbour see: http://esr.cc/N3wVjt

The most popular attraction in Penetanguishene is the Georgian Queen Boat for a spectacular cruise in Georgian Bay visiting the 30,000 Islands to see spectacular glacier-smoothed islands of ancient rock, its twisted pine trees, its secluded beaches and its dramatic granite cliffs, Georgian Bay's Thirty Thousand Islands region is one of Canada's most breathtaking geographic areas.

In Penetanguishene take Champlain Road North to the beautiful Georgian Bay hugging roads of Awenda Provincial Park. There you'll find some camping, canoeing, beaches, fishing spots, hiking and biking trails. For more information on the scenic Awenda Provincial Park see: http://esr.cc/LM2xHh

From Awenda Provincial Park ride back through Penetanguishene and go to Midland, a town of 16,500 people a short distance South East from Penetanguishene. Another tour of 30,000 Islands is available from the boat Miss Midland. Visit the town dock where there is a 25 foot tall Statue of a Trumpeter Swan, take a picture here with your motorcycle for some laughs. Continue onto Highway 12 to your final stop

Waubaushene is the final stop of this tour in Tay Township, just East of Midland next to the Trans Canada Highway and Highway 400 or 40 minutes directly South from Barrie or 2 hours from Toronto. For information on stuff to do in Tay Township see: http://esr.cc/KlHozu

This multi-stop, motorcycle ride through cottage country is full of scenic views of the Niagara Escarpment and Georgian Bay; it's only a short distance away from Toronto and the US border. Do the ride in 175 miles (280 km). Enjoy the ride! EatSleepRIDE

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