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From Austin to Marble Falls

This route takes you intersection to intersection from downtown Austin to Marble Falls, Texas which is North West of Austin next to Lake Travis. It can be completed in 2 hours over 69 miles (110 km) of roads going in all directions.

The route follows along Ranch Road 1431, 2222 and 2769 as well as Bullick Hollow Road and Lime Creek Road. These roads wind their way around Lake Travis, along the Colorado River (Texas) and through Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge.The ride offers experienced riders with a large selection of twisties, some so tight they have 10 mph speed limits!

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About Austin the capital of Texas

Austin is a large city of 790,000 people located in Central Texas. The Colorado River runs through it (not to be confused with the more famous river of the same name ) and offers spectacular views.

The city is known as a "clean air city" for the city's strict no-smoking ordinances that apply to all public places, buildings, and all restaurants. In Summer it gets very hot, averaging temperatures up to 110°F (45°C), So if you plan to ride from May to September, ride cool and bring plenty of water.

The city offers many fun activities to do for more information on what to do and where to eat and sleep in Austin see: http://esr.cc/KNUpE4

Start the motorcycle route here

Ride out of Austin on MoPac Highway North. Take the Northland Drive exit. Head West onto Ranch Road 2222 (Ranch-to-Market Road 2222) until the road transforms into Bullick Hollow Road. This portion of the route is relatively straight riding but with views of the Colorado River, and only a few turns, the fun part is coming soon.

On Ranch Road 2222 a great place to stop and eat is County Line on the Lake, a local favourite BBQ spot located at 5204 Ranch Road 2222. For more information on County Line on the Lake see: http://esr.cc/NG20Km

From Bullick Hollow Road to the Lime Street and Ranch Road 1431 intersection

Go North West on Bullick Hollow Road - this is where the fun starts. Turn left onto Ranch Road 2769 (Farm-to-Market 2769). You'll be heading West where the road has some quick switchbacks.

When Ranch Road 2769 transforms into Lime Creek Road you'll be on the North shore of Lake Travis. Lime Creek Road is chock full of tight twisties and the road goes in every direction, some curves come out of nowhere going down steep hills to blind corners.

Pay attention to each turn's posted speed limit, you definitely do not want to speed around these turns. This portion of the route is for the more experienced bike rider as many curves are blind ones and you got to watch out for school buses and 18 wheelers.

Police are aware of this roads popularity, and watch for speeders.

From the Lime Street and Ranch Road 1431 intersection to Marble Falls

Head West on Ranch Road 1431 (Farm-to-Market 1431) through the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge until you reach Marble Falls. There are some nice sweeping turns on Ranch Road 1431.

The road to Marble Falls is beautiful, riding adjacent to the Colorado River and through forest.

Arrive in Marble Falls

The town of 6,000 people is located 45 miles (72 km) Northwest of Austin and 85 miles (137 km) North of San Antonio. Lake Marble Falls is host to drag boat races, hiking, biking and many small shops to browse.

A wonderful biker friendly restaurant is called Peete's Mesquite BBQ located at 2407 Hwy 281 N, voted best beef and best chef 13 years in a row. For more information on Marble Falls see: http://esr.cc/KXHDRvor Peete's Mesquite BBQ see: http://esr.cc/KH0I0Q

The Highlights

This route from Austin to Marble Falls, is a mix of easy and highly technical riding in Texas which can be completed in 2 hours. The route follows along Ranch Roads 1431, 2222 and 2769 and the infamous blind corners of the twisty Lime Creek Road.

You'll experience beautiful views of Lake Travis, Lake Marble Falls, the Colorado River and Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge. Every ride is more fun then the last. Enjoy the ride, Eat Sleep RIDE.

BTW, every June Austin hosts the ROT or Republic of Texas Biker Rally if you're in the neighbourhood, don't miss it. Here's a bit more about the rally.

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