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  • Akrapovic Evolution full system w/ titanium headers
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If there is one mod that I seem to drawn to with any bike I've owned, it would be the exhaust. There are a number of benefits to be gained from swapping out the stock cans; weight savings, extra hp, more appealing sound and style. Now, some exhausts systems on some bikes give more or less of each of these possible benefits and I'm happy to say that the Akro's on the 950SM give it all!

They are beautifully styled and you can tell that quality is top notch. The weight savings is considerable, especially if you shell out the extra money for the titanium header. Sound-wise it's all good, with a deep growl fitting of the 950's powerful twin. Most impressive though I thought, was the performance. In stock form the 950 is heaps of fun and you never really find yourself wanting much more out it, but the Akropovic system provides that little punch more that really seems to awaken the bike throughout the rev range and is especially noticable from a standing start. Overall, pricier than some options, but if you're going to do it, do it right - the Akro's are worth every penny.

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