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It's not long until Round two of the CSBK at the Autodrome in St-Eustache for Race #3 and #4 of the CBR250R Championships. After last week, I'm quite looking forward to it but I know I need to get up to speed quickly.

For starters, I've gone back and read Keith Codes 'A Twist of the Wrist II'. I first read it years ago and thought I got most of it. Reading it again, I'm understanding the mistakes my race coach was trying to drill into me. Unfortunately, while it's a great book in terms of technique, Codes' book is not a great read. I'll be struggling through the rest of it today.

I was also told that St-Eustache is a tighter, more technical track than Shannonville and I've been hoping to find some on-bike footage and a track map to see for myself. Pretty much all I can find is cars. St-Eustache's own web site isn't much help - http://www.autodrome.ca/ - with the moto's page showing very little indeed. Their site doesn't even seem to have a track map.

Trackpedia does have some links - http://www.trackpedia.com/wiki/Autodrome_St-Eustache - though the track map really isn't much use: I've no idea how the circuit will be configured. At least they have a video.

Ufortunately, as you can see, the video was shot with a head mounted cam and the guy is constantly looking around instead of into turns.

This video is a better percpective. The Autodrme in St-Eustache seems to be a very short track that's mainly a couple of long straightaways with some turns. Doesn't look too challenging, but I'm not sure about those hay bales and cones... Still, it's a different matter when you're out there.

Looking forward to first practice next Friday and the plan is this:

  1. Take it easy for the first session - play with change points, find some braking/turn in markers and explore lines that work

  2. Visualize the track - draw it out as soon as a I get back in to the pits

  3. Mull it over - digest and use second practice to validate the map I drew

Anyone got any other advice?

Update: found a better track map from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:AutodromeSaint-Eustache(Quebec,Canada)trackmap.svg

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  • alex
  • 2012-07-04T07:37:49-04:00


  • alex
  • 2012-07-04T07:37:45-04:00

Turns out that is the official track above - it's also here

  • alex
  • 2012-07-04T06:45:02-04:00

@kim - the kink in the back straight (9-10-11) doesn't seem to be on the video. Is that new? Is the above the actual track layout?