2012-07-03 11:48:56+0000
Fun times at Wheatly, ON
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  • lalune
  • 2013-01-01T15:04:02-05:00

Hey Alex, just re-reading this and thought I should mention, in case you weren't aware, that they apparently also run speedway races every Friday night at Paris Speedway (when it's not winter!). http://www.parisspeedway.ca I wonder if there's any ice racing in Ontario still...

  • lalune
  • 2012-07-03T18:05:20-04:00

Throttle off just into the turn then pour it on, add a little body english, crank the handlebars to the right and blast through (if I remember right lol, it's been a while). That rider is me and we'd wear one steel "shoe" that fit onto our left boot.

  • marina
  • 2012-07-03T17:51:39-04:00

How do you steer on a bike like that? And is the rider wearing steel shoes?

  • lalune
  • 2012-07-03T14:16:16-04:00

Sideways on anything is always fun! They still do speedway at Welland (Niagara County Speedway). Not sure if it's happening anywhere else in Southern Ontario. I don't know if you remember Gary Ford, he was a good friend of mine. He ended up moving to England for more speedway goodness. Such a tragic ending for him, though. He really was great.

  • alex
  • 2012-07-03T10:52:28-04:00

Why does no one seem to do speedway any more? I would love to give that a try

  • lalune
  • 2012-07-03T07:49:27-04:00

Those were the days!