2012-07-05 16:48:22+0000
  • Make:
  • BMW
  • Model:
  • R 50/3
  • Year:
  • 1951

A German built motorcycle, the BMW R51/3 was produced from 1951-1954. The bike has a four stroke, two cylinder 494 cc engine, it has a top speed of 83 mph (135 km/h) and 59 mph (95(km/h) with the original sidecar. Over 18,000 bikes were manufactured during the time period

Following World War II, Germany was denied from producing motorcycles of any sort by the Allies. When the ban was lifted, BMW had to start from scratch, there were no plans, blueprints, or schematic drawings. After larger machines were permitted in the '50s, BMW created the R51/3 and the R67, both sister models which looked identical, except for a few more horsepower. Get your hands on a R51/3, as it's the first large engine post war motorcycle made by BMW.

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