2012-07-05 16:51:37+0000
  • Make:
  • Indian
  • Model:
  • Velo 500
  • Year:
  • 1970

The Indian Velo 500 was created by Floyd Clymer Imports in USA. The bike is powered by a 499 cc, single-cylinder, and four-stroke engine.

Floyd Clymer used the Indian name after the original Indian Motorcycle Company went bankrupt in 1953. Floyd was a former West Coast Indian distributor and motorcycle magazine publisher, who acquired the rights to the Indian name in 1967 and made a number of attempts to revive the marque. Eventually, Clymer succeeded in creating this machine, the Indian Velo 500. It combined an Italian frame with an engine from the British Velocette bike and in 1969, he offered the Indian Velo 500 to the public. Clymer produced 100 to 150 motorcycles, before the company went bankrupt in 1977.

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