2012-07-06 16:01:05+0000
  • Make:
  • Suzuki
  • Model:
  • GT750
  • Year:
  • 1972

A Japanese made motorcycle, the Suzuki GT750  was produced from 1971 to 1977. It has a water-cooled, three-cylinder two-stroke 739 cc engine with a high speed of 110 mph (177 km/h). In Suzuki GT750 was known as ” Le Mans and Water Buffalo” in North America, ”Kettle” in Britain and ”Waterbottle” in Australia.

Suzuki's added the SRIS (Suzuki Recycle Injection System) which lowers the visible exhaust by collecting and burning the residual oil or gas laying in the bottom of the crank chambers. This was a first for any two-stroke from any manufacturer. But as with all big two stroke engines of the late 1970s, the GT750 was a victim of stricter emission regulations and competition from technical developments of four-stroke motorcycles.

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