2012-07-12 16:22:47+0000 - Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Distance:
  • 484km / 301 mi
  • Duration:
  • 7:55:13

The Cabot Trail is located in Cape Breton Island on the Northeastern point of Nova Scotia and is known as one of the most popular motorcycle destinations in North America by ‟Travel & Leisure Magazine”. For more information on the Cabot Trail see: http://esr.cc/POTN6k, Motorcycle Cruiser Story see: http://esr.cc/NqWMvP, Cabot Trail Biker story see: http://esr.cc/MkcdMn, Motorcycle Tours story see: http://esr.cc/NACjbl

Traveling counter clockwise the Cabot Trail begins near the community of Baddeck. Baddeck is a beautiful community and a great starting point for your trip around the Trail. While you're in Baddeck, you may want to check out the Alexander Graham Bell museum.

There are two motorcycle routes to take from Baddeck, either take exit 11 up through St. Anns or take exit 12 and travel to the small cable ferry in Englishtown. Both routes will bring you onto the Cabot Trail.

Travel up along the coast over Cape Smokey towards Ingonish and on towards Cape North. For the more adventurous motorcyclist I would recommend a ride up to Meat Cove. The last few kilometers are dirt but well worth the ride.

Once back on the Trail you will pass several nice sets of twisties and numerous look-offs. The next community is Cheticamp. Cheticamp is a great location to grab a bite to eat and fuel up the bikes. There are also a number of cottages if one is planning an extended stay on the island.

Proceeding along the trail will bring you through several more small communities; Margaree, Inverness and into Mabou, which is the home of the famous Rankins family, who've won many Juno's and Country Music Awards http://esr.cc/M4UtT4.

Follow the Cabot Trail along and you will pass Judique, Port Hood and then back to the Canso Causeway bringing an end to the Cabot Trail tour.

I am approximately 1.5 hours from the Cape Breton Island and the total distance round trip for me is just under 700 km and takes around 9 hours with a lunch stop.

For some neat history on the area see: http://esr.cc/OcMhvW

This route was contributed by Scott Cameron.

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  • alex
  • 2012-07-16T04:51:48-04:00

The east side of the cabot was awesome, but there were too many RVs and other cars or my taste. It is very beautiful though if you like your scenery rugged

  • Jordan
  • 2012-07-15T12:37:34-04:00

This is a beautiful loop and stunning views abound. I found the riding to be pretty relaxed which gives you an opportunity to take in the aforementioned views.