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Day 7 brought me to Yellowstone Park where I decided to rent a cabin for a couple of days. It started out sunny but a series of storms rolled in and it was time to put the raingear on. I managed to get a cabin at the Canyon area of Yellowstone. This area boasts what they call ‟the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone” and it is quite impressive.

Yellowstone has a lot of wildlife, as well as a lot of people driving through.

Something I've never encountered before is that when someone driving spots some wildlife the tendency is to stop in the middle of the road to get a pic. I've never really encountered this before and needless to say, I had to keep my wits about me as I could have turned a corner at any time and encountered a huge traffic jam. Now sometimes, stopping in the middle of the road is absolutely required as there is no other option.

Yellowstone, aside from being the oldest National Park in the United States, is also one of the most thermally active areas in the US. There are many areas with geysers and hot pools, with temperatures in excess of 200 degrees. Interestingly, in the history of the park, more than 15 people have died from either jumping into, or falling into either a geyser or a hot pool.

After spending a couple of days in Yellowstone, it was off to my next destination, Salt Lake City. I decided to backtrack through the park and out back through Jackson Wyoming as I wanted to stay off the super slab. And I'm glad I did as the routes 191 and 89 south of Jackson was some great riding. Lots of curves and elevation changes for a couple of hours. I followed route 89 most of the day through some pretty interesting landscape. Hills, curves and the beginnings of scrubland and desert. I then had to meet up with interstate 80 for the final hour into Salt Lake City. The clouds and the wind were ominous so I decided to put my rain gear on. And I'm glad I did because the last 15 minutes into Salt Lake City were pretty hairy with a mixture of rain, extremely high winds, and a sandstorm. It was definitely a white knuckle ride. I managed to make it to my hotel, the Hyatt right downtown. It was definitely a bargain at 89 bucks for a huge room in a nice new hotel. A definite recommendation if you are ever in Salt Lake City http://saltlakecitydowntown.place.hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels-saltlakecitydowntown-place/place/index.jsp. I was booked into the Hyatt for 2 nights as I needed to get a oil change, which I suspected (rightly so) would take at least 3 hours.

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  • marina
  • 2012-07-21T05:09:03-04:00

Looks incredible and the wild life!? Have you come across any pheasants? I'm very jealous. Thanks for the ride journal. Share @jordan-sandra

  • alex
  • 2012-07-19T11:40:40-04:00

awesome as ever, @teramuto, and I didn't realize you could get to Yellowstone in that quick. Just the pics alone make we want to go.