2012-07-26 14:40:12+0000 - Montpelier, Vermont, United States of America
  • Distance:
  • 48.7km / 30.3 mi
  • Duration:
  • 51:07

The Middlebury Gap - From East Middlebury to Hancock to Warren

Bike Type: Any, Road type: Pavement, Route Length: 30 miles (49 km)

Time: 51 minutes, Gap Elevation: 420 to 2,087 feet (128 to 636 metres)

The Middlebury Gap is between East Middlebury and Hancock, connected via Route 125 ascending a steep 1,667 feet (511 metres). The Middlebury Gap is popular, it's one of the feature roads during the Green Mountain Stage Race (GMSR) so expect to see a lot of bikes. When you reach Route 100 in Hancock, ride North towards Warren passing over a small climb of 500 feet (152 metre) to the town of Granville Gulf descending to the start of Lincoln Gap.

The Six Gaps of Vermont: Click here to see the next one! The Lincoln Gap.

Ride the Gaps in Vermont: The Lincoln Gap

Ride the Gaps in Vermont: The Lincoln Gap

The Lincoln Gap - Warren to Lincoln to Rocky Dale Bike Type: Street/Off-Road, Road type: Part Gravel/Pavement - Route Length: 13 miles (21 km) Time: 34 minutes, Gap Elevation: 610 to 2,303 feet ...
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