2012-07-26 15:02:32+0000 - Vermont, United States of America
  • Distance:
  • 20.1km / 12.5 Mi
  • Duration:
  • 33:01

The Lincoln Gap - Warren to Lincoln to Rocky Dale

Bike Type: Street/Off-Road, Road type: Part Gravel/Pavement - Route Length: 13 miles (21 km)

Time: 34 minutes, Gap Elevation: 610 to 2,303 feet (186 to 702 metres)

The Lincoln Gap is the toughest ride of all the Gaps, part asphalt, part gravel roads. Due to the elevation, keep in mind that the road may be closed at some parts of the year. The ascent is twisty and has a steep incline of20 - 25% to 1,276 feet (389 metres) on paved roads. The Lincoln Gap road is very narrow, suggest you keep an eye out around corners for cars and quiet bicyclists.. The descent is heaven on earth for the off-road and adventure riders because it's 1,700 feet (516 metres) of gravel! Now ride from Lincoln to Rocky Dale to start the Appalachian Gap route.


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Ride the Gaps in Vermont: The Appalachian Gap

Ride the Gaps in Vermont: The Appalachian Gap

The Appalachian Gap - Rocky Dale to Waitsfield to Warren Bike Type: Street/Off-Road, Road type: Pavement, Route Length: 28 miles (45 km) Time: 47 minutes, Gap Elevation: 615 to 2,287 feet (186 t ...


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