2012-07-26 15:25:43+0000 - Bethel, Vermont, United States of America
  • Distance:
  • 18.8km / 11.7 mi
  • Duration:
  • 32:23

The Rochester Gap - Bethel to Rochester

Bike Type: Any, Road type: Pavement, Route Length: 12 miles (19 km)

Time: 32 minutes, Gap Elevation: 575 to 2,150 feet (175 to 655 metres)

The Rochester Gap has a gentle grade to start and you'll get a few good glimpses of the summit that looms way up ahead. As you climb the 1,575 ft (480 metres) you'll see the road becomes very twisty as it wraps around the mountain peak, offering some great views to the South. Woot! You've just conquered The Six Gaps! Eat Sleep RIDE


The Six Gaps of Vermont: Click here to read more.

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Ride the Six Gaps in Vermont

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