• Distance:
  • 47.7km / 29.7 mi
  • Duration:
  • 55:05

Highway A397 in Southern Spain is a twisty ride from San Pedro de Alcántara, thenNorth to Ronda; the route takes about one hour to ride 30 miles (48 km).

Photo Credit: Panaramio User - Albányai Mária: http://esr.cc/Mjjvvg

San Pedro de Alcántara is a town of 26,000 people located on the Southern shore of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea in Andalucía, it's 6 miles (10 km) West from the city of Marbella. The town hosts the last summer fair (feria) inAndalucíawhich takes place the week of October 19th. On the penultimate day of the fair, a bull fight is held in celebration of Iberian culture (Iberian Peninsula, the culture includes Spain and Portugal). During the fight, young debutante women wear pink blouses and if a bullfighter succeeds in quickly slaughtering a bull, the young women toss monogrammed handkerchiefs into the ring in the hopes that the bullfighter will call on them afterwards. Unlike most modern Spanish bullfights the bulls which are slain during this fight are cremated in a bonfire at the end of the day, a ritual that mirrors the pagan ceremonies performed by ancient Iberians.

From San Pedro de Alcántara to Ronda ride your motorcycle North on A397 (Autovía A-397) to get the route started. The A397 is a great and very twisty motorcycle road. It starts at sea level in San Pedro de Alcántara and rises to 3,832 feet (1,168 metres). At about 20 miles (32 km) into the route, the road descends down to 2,418 feet (737 metres) as you reach Ronda. The route passes through several golf courses in San Pedro de Alcántara and through a number of rock faced canyons.

You'll arrive in Ronda, a town of 35,000 people, located in a unique place on the edge of cliffs and canyons, surrounded by mountains about 2,418 feet (737 metres)above sea level. TheGuadalevínRiver runs through the city, dividing it in two. The river has carved out a steep, 1,078 feet (328 metre) deep El Tajocanyon and the town is surrounded by the endemic (native to a specific area) Spanish Fir trees.

American artistsErnest HemingwayandOrson Wellesspent many summers in Ronda. Both wrote about Ronda's beauty and famous bull-fighting traditions, and their collective accounts have contributed to Ronda's popularity ever since.

For the history buff Ronda hosts remains of prehistoric settlements dating back to theNeolithic Age, including therock paintingsofCueva de la Pileta. For more information on what to see, where to eat and where to sleep in Ronda see: http://www.turismoderonda.es

Photo Credit: Panaramio Users- Albányai Mária, Pinin33 and Zeus74: http://esr.cc/Mjjvvg

These Southern Spain roads, make up one of the best motorcycle routes in Spain. Highway A397 from San Pedro de Alcántara then North to Ronda can be completed in 60 minutes and 30 miles (48 km) of twisty roads and it's great for repeatable fun. Ronda itself is also a beautiful sight to see with its interesting cliff and canyon lined houses. Enjoy the ride! EatSleepRIDE

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