2012-08-01 10:53:34+0000 - Western Cape, South Africa
  • Distance:
  • 79.2km / 49.2 Mi
  • Duration:
  • 1:46:10

Ride along the coast of South Africa, with stunning ocean views of the Atlantic, Indian, and Southern Oceans. You'll pass through many suburbs of Cape Town; the route will take you South from Cape Town onto M6 and M65 as well as an unnamed road to reach the Cape of Good Hope in 49.5 miles (79.5 km) in under 2 hours.

Start the motorcycle ride in Cape Town, South Africa, a metropolitan city of 3.5 million people located on the Southwest shore of South Africa and the Atlantic Ocean. The city is surrounded by the Table Mountain range forming a natural amphitheatre, consisting of Table Mountain, Devil's Peak, Lion's Head, Signal Hill and the City Bowl. Table Mountain is a popular tourist attraction; it's an unusual mountain because of its table like flat top. Every year 800,000 people visit the top of Table Mountain by way of cable car. Visit the many beaches in Cape Town for some relaxation before you ride out. Cape Town has beautiful weather with average temperatures around 64°F (18°C) or higher year round. For more information on what to see, where to eat or where to sleep in Cape Town see: http://esr.cc/SLSmoo

From Cape Town to Camps Bay ride along the shore of the South Atlantic Ocean for 7 miles (11 km) on the M6 heading Southwest to Camps Bay. The road is beautiful, not only in scenery but also with the various twisties it offers.

Camps Bay is small town of 4,000 people and is located West of Table Mountain and a short distance from Cape Town. During the summer it attracts large numbers of visitors looking to relax on the beach. It is renowned for its white sandy beaches and palm trees, the city also has many nightclubs and is akin to Miami (which happens to be the sister city of Cape Town). For more information on what to see, where to eat or where to sleep in Camps Bay see: http://esr.cc/QhB2c2

From Camps Bay to Hout Bay continue on your motorbike South on M6 for 9 miles (14.5 km). The road here has more glorious twisties that snake down the coast.

Hout Bay is town of 13,000 people located South of Camps Bay and is one of the sixteen recognizedbig wave spotsaround the globe. The annualRed Bull Big Wave Africacompetition is held here from May to August. Waves average 15 ft (4.57 metres) with swells of up to 47 feet (14.3 metres), with a potential for a 100 ft (30 metres) to come one day. If you're a surfer, bring your board. For more information on what to see, where to eat or where to sleep in Hout Bay see: http://esr.cc/NP3lh2

From Hout Bay to Kommetjie continue riding the M6 South, note that this portion of the M6 has a partial toll. The first part of the road is filled with twisties, the second half is straight-a-ways as you pass through several other small suburbs. Turn onto M65 heading West and make your way to Kommetjie.

Kommetjie is a small town of 2,500 people located on the West shore of South Peninsula. The area is another popular spot for surfing, since powerful waves from theAtlantic Oceanrise up over its rocky coral reefs which formed over the hard sandstones of the Table Mountains. The shallower waters here are thick with giantkelp forests. Kommetjie is also popular for its excellentCray- fishing industry.

From Kommetjie to Scarborough go South on the M65; it's a relatively straight motorcycle road but does follow along the shore.

Scarborough is a small town of 700 people located on a hill on Cape Peninsula overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It's designated as a conservation village, meaning the town and residents strive to reverse past environmental damage and avoid future environmental impacts. The Scarborough Conservation Group reintroduces plant species to the area and cleans the local beaches and surrounding landscape. For more information on the Scarborough Conservation Group see: http://esr.cc/MWOlZb

From Scarborough to Cape of Good Hope go East towards the M65 and M66 junction heading South on M65. At the Unnamed road intersection where M65 merges into M4, go South towards the roundabout. The road here is unnamed but it still has some nice sweeping curves as you reach the Southern tip of Africa.

The Cape of Good Hope is located South at the Southwestern tip of the Cape Peninsula. It's often referred to as 'the Cape' and believed to be the dividing point of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, with the Southern Ocean just to the South. The view here is spectacular with nothing but Ocean waves in the distance. The landscape surrounding the cape is rugged and covered in rock outcroppings. There are a variety of different animals roaming around, from Baboons to Ostriches or even a colony of Penguins that hang around Boulder Beach located just below the Cape.

The ride along the coast of South Africa has stunning ocean views of the Atlantic, Indian, and Southern Oceans, not to mention some good sights through the various suburbs of Cape Town. The route takes you South from Cape Town to Cape of Good Hope in a fun filled 2 hour motorcycle ride. The ride back to Cape Town will be equally as beautiful, you'll want to do multiple trips! Enjoy the Ride, Eat Sleep RIDE.

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