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  • Make:
  • Ducati
  • Model:
  • TT2 R
  • Year:
  • 1980

An Italian made bike that dominated the racing world, the Ducati TT2 R was in production from 1980 to 1985. It has a four stroke, 90 degree, v-twin cylinder 597cc Pantah motor (Ducati Pantah 600SL), it has a top speed over 220 mph (354 km/h).

The TT2 was a racer based on the Ducati Pantah 600SL, and was designed by Taglioni, and featured an all new trellis frame. It has been reported that the frame weighed in at only 15.5 pounds (7 kg) a true lightweight! The bike used a Brembo braking system with a twin 280 mm disk up front. The engine was pushed to the regulation limit - 597 cc. The bike, very light and so compact that it was ill-suited for tall riders, had a swept-back fairing and a fuel tank lodged between the frame's tubes.

The particular model shown here in pictures, actually has a custom 650cc engine. The TT2 model was so successful that Ducati decided to make some "customer" versions for private teams, including bigger engines.

From 1980 through to 1985, the 600 TT2 was basically unbeatable. In the Italian Championship the "winning aces" were won respectively by Walter Cussigh and Massimo Broccoli, flanked by Vanes Francini from Forlì, in addition to the first victories achieved by a young rider from Ravenna who, a few years later, saw his career tied to that of Ducati's: Davide Tardozzi.

In the meantime, British rider Tony Rutter won the Tourist Trophy race on a Pantah 500 SL. Seeing that he had a chance of taking the title, Ducati gave him a TT2 to race at Ulster. Tony came in second, winning the world championship for the category. At the end of the season Massimo Broccoli took the Italian title on a TT2. In 1982 the TT2 won the Italian title with Walter Cussigh, while Rutter took the world title again. At the Tourist Trophy, Rutter's TT2 recorded a top speed of 232 km/h. In 1983 Rutter was world champion again. Among other things the TT2 managed a 1-2 victory at the Isle of Man. Walter Cussigh took the Italian title again, and in 1984 Rutter won the championship one more time. For more details around the TT2 model and a complete list of victories see Ducati's official website: http://www.ducati.com/history/80s/tt2_/index.do

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