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  • Make:
  • Harley Davidson
  • Model:
  • Model 7D
  • Year:
  • 1911

An American made bike in production from 1910 - 1911, the Harley-Davidson Model 7D has a V-twin 803cc (49ci) F-Head IOE engine. It has a top speed of 60 mph (97km/h).

The bike had coil spring and front fork tubes for suspensions. The transmission uses a leather belt and pulley clutch system. It has a bicycle pedalling system to start off the engine. Harley-Davidson touted its quiet and effective muffler, advertising the Model 7D as "The Silent Gray Fellow”.

The Model 7D was the first successful v-twin from Harley-Davidson. The engine configuration was used by Harley ever since. The Model 7D was sold for $300 and 5,625 units were produced in the one year it was sold. However the Model 7D's engine (F-Head IOE) stayed in use in other Harleys till 1929.

The bike can be seen on display at the Otis Chandler Museum of Transportation and Wildlife in Oxnard, California.

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