St-Eustache, Quebec is a pretty good race track. I like it. It's the shortest track but it's still hard because you're always turning. In qualifying on Saturday, I was 4th with a best lap time of 59.113 seconds. Stacey Nesbitt was 2nd with a 58.685 qualifying time and Ryan Roche was fastest in qualifying with a 58.105 lap time. Two weeks ago in the last round at Shannonville I fell and got a DNF. Because I didn't finish the race, I didn't get points for finishing so this race I really wanted to do better and not make any mistakes.

It was a good race. I watched all the racers in my class and got some advice from Jodi Christie who is a pro racer and Costa Mouzouris who is an ex-racer and racing with us in but in the media class.

This is a picture of me and Sean Smith #195 before practice at St-Eustache. Sean took 3rd place on the podium in Shannonville.

At the star of the race, Ryan Roche #386 was leading Stacey Nesbitt #1 and I was into 3rd place. 

Roche really had a big lead on Nesbitt for a while and she would pull into the lead and I finished in 3rd place.

I was happy to be on the podium for the first time in the series but I wanted to do better. Stacey Nebsitt's time was 12:49.697, second place was Ryan Roche with a total time of 12:49.880 and I was third by less than a second with 12:50.364. For the official results you can see CBR250R Race #1 St-Eustache Official Results

Next race was Sunday and I did win the second race in the last lap!!

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