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G'day Marina. It is a 74 Triumph TR5MX (Avenger). I believe 1 of about 182 built by the Triumph factory after BSA closed in 1971. It is a BSA B50MX (Goldstar) badge engineered by Triumph for the US market. The disc front-end is off my 73 750 Bonnie, 18" wheels front & back. Everything not required has been removed & it weighs in wet at 112kg. I've done a little work to the head (detailed) to make it breathe better & it runs on 100 octane Av. gas. It has raced the NZ Bears circuit for over 15 years with only the head being lifted twice. I've won a few Trophys riding most of NZ's Tracks & South Islands Street circuits. been known to clean up Lightnings, Bonnies, Tridents & never been beaten by a Harley.

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Sweet shot, what's the bike? Is this you? Where were you racin'n?