2012-09-10 10:22:44+0000

I have to say, this totally looks like the business and I'm salivating at the thought.

Notable highlights:

  • Video doesn't mention but 39bhp (from a twin)
  • learner legal in europe
  • Slipper clutch in a 300!!!
  • Very nice aesthetic
  • Claims to be leading bike in class - isn't it a class of one right now?
  • no price, but expect to be "cheap" (their words, not mine)

Expect a track package for launch, too. This will be trick on track.

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  • nick303
  • 2012-09-11T18:35:07-04:00

Hell yah! That would be a blast!

  • alex
  • 2012-09-10T06:23:20-04:00

@nick303 - we need to get a pair of these and our asses out to St Eustache for the day... Or any track.