2012-09-10 11:16:31+0000
  • Make:
  • Yamaha
  • Model:
  • XJ 900 F
  • Year:
  • 1985
  • Owned:
  • Yes

First up, mine didn't look like this. It was (probably) a post-crash cafe race rebuild, but with wide bars and not clips on. It was completely devoid of logs (i.e. the crank case was replaced, further leading to crash rebuild theory) and completely black.

Nowadays, we'd probalby call it a rat bike, but it was a very nice example of the species and I loved it.

One of my fondest memories was constantly running out and forcing the neighborhood kids to get off it. I like to think there were a bunch of them around Warrington that got into biking because of that.

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