The untippable fully enclosed motorcycle the Lit Motors C-1 nears production.

What's truly unique is that this Electric Vehicle, the C-1 includes a gyroscopic stabilizer that prevents the it from tipping over like a bike or motorcycle.

The C-1 will initially be priced around $24,000 when it launches in 2014, and will take a year or two to drop down to $16,000. As it scales to being mass market (~100,000 units) around 2018, the price of the C-1 will drop down to $12,500.

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  • marina
  • 2012-09-14T06:06:18-04:00

His head is a few inches out of the "motorcycle" just enough to get the top of it sliced off by his own invention. Can't imagine how that steering wheel is going to work for tight turns.