2012-09-12 16:52:54+0000 - New Brunswick, Canada
  • Distance:
  • 210km / 131 mi
  • Duration:
  • 3:13:43

Riding through New Brunswick is a sight to see, it is encompassed by beautiful forest lands and many freshwater lakes. The route takes you and your motorcycle on a journey from Grand Falls to Miramichi in 131 mi (210 km) over 3 hours of joyful riding.

Start the ride in Grand Falls a town with 5,700 people on the St. John River. The town is named after Grand Falls which is a waterfall with rock ledges 60 feet (18 metres) high. You can zip-line across the falls for $40 or check out the Grand Falls Golf Course, the Grand Falls Marina, the Museum, the Farmer's Market (summer) and numerous camp grounds. For more information on what to see, where to eat and sleep in Grand Falls see: http://www.grandfalls.com/

Grand Falls is also featured in the Grand Falls to Fredericton route, click here to see more:

Ride through New Brunswick, Grand Falls to Fredericton along Saint John River

Ride through New Brunswick, Grand Falls to Fredericton along Saint John River

Ride your motorcycle along the Saint John River in New Brunswick in 147 miles (237 km) in 4 hours along sweeping curves and many twisties of New Brunswick Route 105 (NB Route 105). Start in Grand ...

From Grand Falls to Plaster Rock ride your motorcycle via New Brunswick 108 (NB 108) heading East for 22.4 mi (36 km). The road here has several nice sweeping turns as you ride through farmlands, then forest through to New Denmark. Plaster Rock is a small village of 1,100 people named for the gypsum mines in the area. It's a good place to gas up and get snacks.

From Plaster Rock, go to Renous heading East on NB 108 for 86 mi (138 km). The road is known as Plaster Rock-Renous Highway here. On the ride East to Renous you will pass through forest and by several beautiful lakes such as Clearwater, Indian and Moose Lake. The road here has long stretches of straightaway followed by sweeping turns and curves to lean into, all the way to Miramichi.

The final stretch of the ride is from Renous on NB 108, then via King George Highway for 22.3 mi (36 km) North East to Miramichi. Here you'll be riding along the Miramichi River on straight-a-way roads with only a few curves, the setting is beautiful however.

Miramichi is home to 18,000 people, and is the largest city in North New Brunswick; its name may have been derived from the Montagnais words "Maissimeu Assi" meaning Mi'kmaq Land. Miramichi is a city enriched with early Canadian History, with many wars including the American Revolution happening here. For more information see Miramichi's Wartime Wiki here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miramichi,NewBrunswick

For more information on what to see and where to eat and sleep in Miramichi see: http://www.miramichi.org/en/

The motorcycle roads through New Brunswick via spectacular forests and along freshwater lakes can be a beautiful and meditative ride. Plaster Rock and Renous, from Grand Falls to Miramichi in 131 mi (210 km) is 3 hours of great riding along the best scenic roads in New Brunswick. Don't miss it. For an extended journey, try taking this route in the opposite direction, and continuing on the Grand Falls to Fredericton Route. Enjoy the ride! Eat Sleep RIDE

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