2012-09-19 19:38:15+0000
Near Elbow Falls, Alberta
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  • Jordan
  • 2012-09-21T07:39:35-04:00

This was great afternoon of riding, maybe 60km west of Calgary. Alex, your 1200 Tiger would love this. We'll be doing the Icefields Parkway on Saturday if you care to join us.

  • alex
  • 2012-09-21T05:18:41-04:00

Now that looks like a place to go riding. Glad to see you're still out there beating the tarmac after a year in the saddle. Lesser men might have taken a break ;-)

  • marina
  • 2012-09-20T17:48:11-04:00

Nice shot. I'm happy to see the ESR vinyl made it all the way to Argentina and back to Calgary. How was your ride!