2012-10-01 09:32:13+0000 - Vermont, United States of America
  • Distance:
  • 108km / 67 Mi
  • Duration:
  • 1:47:20

Inspired by the Vermont gaps we had it our system, I decided to head out there this weekend.

And while the weather stank worse than the dead skunks along the highway, the roads were pretty damned good.

While I did ride a lot further than this, this is my recommendation for the area. I've also made it a loop and while it starts and end at Bristol, you could (obviously) approach from any angle.

Sportbike riders will likely want to start at Bristol and head East over the 17 - this is the Appalachian (App) gap. Just around Camles Hump, it does indeed get very technical, with some reasonably tight hairping turns. For those of you used to the Dragon, they're not that tight but the surface is reasonably good (but watch out for some mid corner patches - ride it a few times before you totally commit) and it's still a decent road.

A further vote of confidence is that I started at Waitsfield heading south, meaning I did this part last. As soon as I did, I turned right around and did it again. This, despite the rain, the fog at the summit and my visor constantly fogging.

The rest of the loop is far less technical. The east side is espcially beautiful and mainly composed of sweeps. I did also stop off at one of the rest stops only to find some guy selling maple syrup (well, it is Vermont) and it was good.

The south section, the 125, is a little more fun but with some bad patches of tarmac before another leisurely return north.

There aren't a lot of gas stations along the way. Bristol is an abvious choice for tank filling. There's also another at the South West corner.

The whole ride is billed as taking about 2 hours. I did it in 90 minutes and it's a great loop. You'll see plenty of other bikers out, even in the wet and for the most part, drivers are courteous and will pull over to let you past.

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