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Cue the Hollywood style suspense-filled music; three all new Honda 500s have been spotted filming in Naples, Italy.

The filming is actually for commercials and the bikes, well, we've known of them for some time now. Thanks to some keen spy photographs, we get a real good glimpse at them for the first time.

The three bikes, a CB500R, a CBR500, and a CB500X are seen in these shots with pretty significant detail. Combined with internet buzz and analysis of the images, here's what we've been able to glean.

The CB500R is the naked --standard or street if you prefer-- bike sporting a single front headlamp and small windscreen with a single cylindrical exhaust. The CBR500 will play younger sibling to Honda's supersport CBR600RR and features similar dual headlamps and fairings although opting for a single side exhaust as opposed to the 600RR's under-seat pipe. The CB500X is styled very similar to the NC700X and is expected to be a part of Honda's adventure bike lineup.

All three bikes are believed to have 470cc parallel twin motors with about 47hp to meet European licensing requirements. It is possible that power numbers will vary for bikes in other markets. From what we see in the spy photographs, the bikes also come equipped with single front discs and telescoping forks. These new 500s will hit the market as 2013 models.

All three bikes will be officially unveiled to the public at the EICMA show in Milan, Italy next month. EatSleepRIDE will be there to take it all in and bring you live reports, so stay tuned.

Scroll on down for more spy photographs from Piazza Garibaldi in Naples, Italy.

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