2011-06-20 13:04:09+0000
  • Distance:
  • 3,234km / 2,010 mi
  • Duration:
  • 59:03:42

This is a great northern Ontario into Quebec route, with a trip up and down James Bay.

Make sure you plan your gas / services accordingly... The 381 km (236 mile) stretch of the James Bay Road that is without services is the longest service- free stretch of road in Canada, and the second longest service-free stretch of road in North America!

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  • nick303
  • 2011-06-20T18:44:15-04:00

Either that or a tube for syphoning gas... though probably not many unattended cars for that either ;) But yes, we should do this.

  • alex
  • 2011-06-20T15:23:56-04:00

I'm totally up for this. When are we going? However, the thought of almost 400km with no gas is scary. Ridden conservatively, I can get maybe 300km from the Tiger (but when is it ever ridden conservatively?). I guess it's time to start bungeeing fuel to the back seat...