2011-06-22 21:47:18+0000

Went to calabogie this past weekend.

Heres a pic of me about half way through the day. Not great lean angle, I did get more lean through other turns. The pics were only taken from one location. Thats my excuse...

The track is nice and smooth but kinda far from toronto...

Redacted due to user deletion

Redacted due to user deletion

Track facts: Length: 5.05 km (3.05 miles) Number of Turns: 20 West Track: 2.2km (1.38 miles) East Track: 2.81km (1.74 miles) Track Width: 40 feet Elevation Change: 65 feet Camber in turns: 0% to ...

It was my first time on a track and it was fun as @#$!

highly recommended

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  • nick303
  • 2011-06-22T17:56:44-04:00

Looks good man! More than anything just good to see you a bike again :) I've been round Calabogie in a car, but never a bike (yet), nice track!