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Its nothing new to have a motorcycle calendar combining beautiful Ducatis with beautiful models but for 2013 MotoCorsa have ensured their new calendar includes something for the ladies as well as men!

We have featured MotoCorsa many times on this site.  Arun Sharma and his crew have a passion for the finer things of life that extends way beyond Ducati Motorcycles and includes coffee and wine.

MotoCorsa have an interesting sense of fun in deciding that not only should model Kylie Shea Lewallen drape herself over a Ducati 1199 Panigale for their 2013 calendar but that some of the men who work there should don similar outfits and try their hand at modelling.  The end result can only be described as disturbing comical, a theme that will have purchasers smiling at their calendars throughout 2013.

2013calendar 2 Spot the Difference: Ducati 1199 Panigale and

The result is the ‟SeDUCATIve vs. MANigale” 2013 wall calendar. Available for only $16 shipped*, the 2013 Ducati-1199 Panigale and-model calendar places the year's most entertaining motorcycle photo shoot in the garages and offices of fans everywhere.

Available immediately for Christmas delivery, the 16 x 16” ‟SeDUCATIve vs. MANigale” calendar is priced at $16 including shipping and handling, making it the perfect stocking stuffer for Italian motorcycle lovers- man or woman- everywhere. Get yours HERE in the MotoCorsa store.

Gents, don't give up your day jobs!

*Free Shipping available within the US only. Elsewhere charges apply.

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