2016-05-25 14:28:41+0000 - Sanger, California, United States

Over the last two years, CRASHLIGHT® has evolved. We continue to conduct large scale research to understand crash conditions versus normal conditions. Since we released Android, we've studied new phone models and how users carry their devices. While CRASHLIGHT was designed to work with the device in the breast pocket (to absorb vibration), people demand support on the bars, in a pannier, whatever.

To respond to demands, over the last 6 months, we started a program to extend our algorithms. What we're calling crowd-sourced crash detection or CRASHLIGHT 2.0 is now available in the latest releases for Android and iOS.

Update now for Android and iOS!

This research led us to add Modes for CRASHLIGHT. Now riders can adjust sensitivity in the form of High, Medium or Low Modes depending on where they cary their device. Not only does this present a learning algorithm, it also provides system control for false positives.

The CRASHLIGHT Algorithm Improves With Every Ride

We've also added a more robust feedback mechanism for random sampling. Using the study of pattern recognition, the framework will not only signal when you need help, but warn you of danger in the future. All testing is anonymized and conducted with the highest respect for your privacy.

Get CRASHLIGHT in-app for about $15 per year and ride safe. Thank you for our support. We are committed to keeping safety technology accessible for all motorcycle riders.

Live Tracking (Beta)

Making a road trip? Did you know Live Tracking was a free feature in the ESRapp? (I know, there's so many.)

Allow friends and family to track your location and take the worry out of motorcycling for them. You'll need to use the website to set it up. Here's the quick step-by-step.

Privacy & Location

Your privacy is paramount. When you share your location with EVERYONE, your location is masked to maintain your privacy. When you set your location to GROUP, your real location is shared solely with your group. To go invisible, set your location to NOBODY.

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3 people won't cover 2 parrents, 1 sibling, a close friend, and a significant other. which is rather minimal for a response team, I feel.. 6 makes a small squad; which would be reasonable when human life is at stake, but at that point may be too costly for your servers. I'd be happier with more of a response team, and more limited tests in exchange.


Great functionality. I came to a quick stop one day and used the inertia to jump off the bike; sure set: it went off even for that. (which I like, given the nature). I do not like the limitation of 3 contacts. 4 or 5 is much MUCH more reasonable.. it would be awesome to have automatic ride detection. But foremost, THE TEXTS SHOULD ALSO HAVE LONG/LAT, too!! That aside, thank you guys for the amazing app!