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Steve Pritchard has started a company called Mo2or, with the goal of creating a motorcycle based on rider input. You fill out a form on their website answering questions about what you consider your ideal bike, engine size, frame type, body, seat, etc. and after they gather input for a while, they'll begin the design phase and eventually produce a finished motorcycle. There's not a lot of room for "left-field" ideas since you are selecting from their drop down list of options, but it's a pretty cool concept.

The company is small, Steve has a background in marketing with Triumph, Mazda, Ford and others, and after reading a magazine where riders were complaining about what motorcycle companies were producing, he decided to start a company where he asked everyone first before building the bike.

From the Mo2or site ( http://mo2or.com/ ):

Our core message is quite straight forward "develop a motorbike designed by it's riders" and the dream spec is the first stage to achieve this. Once this is complete, we will then go into the design phase and again you will be able to submit your own designs and others will vote on the one they like the best.

It certainly is an interesting concept and I'm very interested to see the outcome.

via: http://esr.cc/p7Aw7w

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