Riding a motorcycle means knowing you're alive. Make it count.

That's our motto, and the reason why we launched the EatSleepRIDE platform: to create a community of crowd-sourced content that gives motorcycle riders the tools they need to connect, share information, improve the quality of their rides and stay safe.

With the launch of the EatSleepRIDE Motorcycles app, we've paired riding features with a powerful safety technology. The app, which is now available on iTunes for download, was years in the making, and we took the time to make it everything a rider could ask for. Here's a quick look at all of its rad features:

  • CRASHLIGHT® detects a motorcycle crash and automatically notifies your emergency contacts with your location. We worked closely with mechanical and physical engineers from the University of Toronto and crash scene scientists to build a sophisticated algorithm to detect where and when a crash occurs.
CRASHLIGHT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

CRASHLIGHT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is CRASHLIGHT®? CRASHLIGHT® is a new safety technology developed specifically for motorcycle riders. In the event of a crash CRASHLIGHT lets you choose your safety team. With no additiona ...
  • Track and analyze your ride. Record your ride analytics including your route, the speed and duration of your ride, including your lean angle and elevation. Perfect for the data nerds among us and the hardcore motorheads who are looking to improve the results of their ride.
  • Explore new routes. Ride like a local and don't miss the best motorcycle roads nearby.
  • Group riding made easy. Share your location with your ride group to see each other on a map; or make yourself visible to everybody and connect with riders in your area.
  • Create your motorcycle diary. If you have a motorcycle, you have a story to tell. Share your journey, route, and points of interest (favourite cafes, hotels, bars, restaurants).
  • Explore motorcycle content like reviews, routes, tutorials, and news stories from the people who know it best; fellow motorbike riders.

There's nothing as invigorating as riding the open road. We created the EatSleepRIDE Motorcycles app to not only help riders replay their journey, but to appreciate it on a new level.

In the coming weeks, we will talk a little more about each feature and how it can make you a better, safer, and more connected rider.

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