Federal trade agency holding motorcyclists hostage

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative is embroiled in a dispute with the European Union over U.S. beef that contains hormones. So, instead of working out a solution based on agricultural products, the Trade Representative included motorcycles in its proposed 100 percent tariffs on some products imported from Europe.

The tariff would affect motorcycles with an engine size between 51cc and 500cc. A member of the USTR staff stated in a Feb. 15 public hearing that the USTR hopes to use motorcyclists as leverage to get the E.U. to reverse its policy on U.S. beef.

Think about that for a moment... want to buy a KTM dirt bike in the US? Expect the price to double if this passes! Not something dealers or their customers can swallow. They tried this tactic in 2008, but thankfully weren't successful. But, here we go again.

The AMA have a petition open until March 7: cqrcengage.com/amacycle/app/sign-petition?0&engagementId=298373

More info: regulations.gov/document?D=USTR-2016-0025-0001

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  • nick303
  • 2017-03-03T13:41:02-05:00

@zyonsdream pun intended? :)


I think I have to call bull on this photo... clearly has two adults. That's about 400lbs. Then you put another 400 to 600 on it with the cow... I'd doubt the tires could handle the weight let alone the cow choosing to stay on. I grew up on a farm and even our most docile cows would not stand for this.


@nick303 Perhaps there is some intimate connection between motorcyclists and those who consume beef with hormones and we unknowingly have some sort of control over that process....