2017-04-19 08:47:40+0000 - Los Angeles, Ca, United States

Antique Clocks & Vintage Motorcycle Restoration

A friend of mine recently suggested I check out a podcast done by the same people behind the smash-hit podcast: 'Serial' and 'This American Life'. (Gotta love NPR!). Though the story is essentially the murder-mystery type and has absolutely nothing to (intentionally) do with motorcycles, I was blown away by the opening of the first episode and how relevant it is to rebuilding old motorcycles. If you were to skip the first couple seconds you very well may think the narrator is talking about old bikes and not old clocks.

The process he describes involved in repairing antique clocks seems to apply just as much to motorbikes. I'll keep this short and sweet by simply including a link to the first episode instead of transcribing the first 1:45 seconds but do yourself a favor and give those first 105 seconds a listen. The similarities are pretty remarkable as anyone who's spent some time wrenching on old bikes can tell you. Also, I'm only a few episodes in but it's a pretty good podcast.

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