2011-08-29 12:49:29+0000

I always enjoy glimpses into other rider's worlds, finding out what makes them tick and what motorcycling means to them. It's great to find those common themes that touch most motorcyclists experiences.


From the video's creator:

_I spent a LOT of time on this little video, way more than I usually do. I had to stop myself from spending several more days on it. A lot of great footage ended up on the cutting room floor (so to speak). I hope you enjoy it. I hope it conveys what it's like to road trip on a little motard, but I know it doesn't do justice to the views, the solitude, the immediacy... Special Thanks to those random kids for the grape kool-aid. :-) _

Music: "Curtains in a Soft Breeze 2" by myself (lauriejennifer)

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