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_The Appalachian Inn is a great place to sleep in the Smokey Mountains and right in the heart of the Tail of the Dragon and Deals Gap Roads. The Appalachian B&B is located at 300 Knoll Top Road, Robbinsville, NC. For reservations __visit the website at http://www.appalachianinn.com._

Tennessee border is famous for a number of very good reasons. The

Smoky Mountains are world renown for their natural beauty and the

Great Smoky Mountains National Park that dominates the region is a

haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Hikers flock

to the area each year to seek out some of the most challenging

sections of the Appellation Trail, families can be found camping

throughout the park taking in the beautiful vistas and mountain

bikers, canoers, and fishermen make the most of the remote and

stunning terrain. The area is also much loved by motorcyclists and

sportswear drivers for the sheer abundance of excellent roads. From

the Cherohala Skyway to Deal's Gap & the Tail of the Dragon, and

beyond, the selection of roads in this part of the country is really

quite overwhelming. In fact, regardless of your particular interest,

there are few regions that offer so much diversity and natural beauty

as this section of North Carolina.

With so much on offer, the area makes for the perfect weekend getaway,

and my wife and I were sure to include a visit to the region when we

planned the route for our year long, Canada to Argentina motorbike

trip. After several weeks of sleeping in a tent and in any number of

completely anonymous hotels, we wanted to stay someplace special that

captured the feeling of the area. We also wanted to stay in an area

that provided quick and easy access to the area's most exciting

activities, in our case that meant access to great motorcycling roads.

Friends of ours had stayed at the Appalachian Inn the previous year

and liked it, so after some further discussion and a little

research it was settled, we would be spending the weekend at the

Appalachian Inn and the arrangements were made.

The Innkeeper, Elizabeth co-ordinated the dates for us via email as we

were on the road without access to our cell phone. She provided us

with a very warm welcome and was genuinely friendly. She immediately

made us feel very well looked after and was the perfect host.

The B&B itself is star attraction, it is simply beautiful. It is a

true log home, custom designed by Elizabeth to meet the particular

needs of a B&B of which most homes could never attain. In fact there

is a photo album on the coffee table that is worth taking a peek at;

it documents the 18 months it took to build the large, log framed

house. From the initial clearing of the land to the final trim

finishing, the one thing that stands out in the photos is that

Elizabeth is in almost every photo working on every aspect of the

project. Her influence did not end with the construction of the Inn,

she decorated the entire log home herself, and each room reflects her

precise attention to detail and sense of style.

Our room on the main level was very large and comfortable, with a

fantastic bed and a large spa style bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and

shower. In fact all the rooms were large and well thought out, each

with it's own theme reflecting the charm or the area but with a modern

touch. We would have been happy to stay in any one of them. The inn

was also very clean, from the common living room with the cathedral

ceiling and stone fireplace to the deck with the stunning view, the

place was immaculate, my German grandmother would have been impressed.

The setting was equally pleasing, the grounds are lovely and the

aforementioned view of the Smoky Mountains is memorable. Even the

parking lot, which provides amble space is tastefully appointed with a

flagstone waterfall. We spent quite a bit of time on the front

veranda watching the humming birds having a go at the bird feeder and

the surrounding flowers. There is no getting around it, it is just

really pretty there.

Although we were there for only two nights, on both evenings I slept

like a baby. It may have had something to do how I spent my days

(taming the Dragon and tackling the Cherohala Skyway on my motorbike)

or it could have been the extremely comfortable bed, but each morning

I woke up happy and refreshed. Waking up happy and refreshed is good,

however on both days waking up happy and refreshed was only the

beginning, as Elizabeth had prepared gourmet breakfasts, and great

coffee for us and the other guests. What more could you ask for.

I struggled to find something to critique, but everything was top

notch. If really pushed, I'd say the Internet service could be

improved as it would come and go sporadically. But, if you're there

for relaxation and some reclusive personal time, this won't matter to


Elizabeth was a great host, warm, friendly and professional. The Inn

is stunning and the surrounding area is gorgeous. There are a ton of

activities to keep you busy, or a very comfortable couch on which to

read a good book, if you prefer. We really enjoyed our time at the

Appellation Inn, both my wife and I agreed that it was the best B&B

we've ever stayed in.


Overall a great place to EatSleepRIDE! I've included a map of the Appalachian Inn and the surounding roads.

Tail of the Dragon Ride from the Appalachian Inn B&B

Tail of the Dragon Ride from the Appalachian Inn B&B

This route takes you out the front door of the Appalachian Inn B&B and through the Tail of the Dragon and over to the Blueridge Parkway.

The Appalachian B&B is located at 300 Knoll Top Road, Robbinsville, NC. For reservations email info@appalachianinn.com. Or visit the website at http://www.appalachianinn.com.



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  • nick303
  • 2011-09-02T14:47:28-04:00

Great review! I can't wait to experience this place for myself!