2011-11-09 12:27:57+0000

Here's a shot of Alex and Molly working on the last mile of bugs. Can you

see the stress?!

Thank you to everyone involved in our beta so far. Your feedback has been monumental and we've made a number of great changes as a result.

Our biggest challenge continues to be speed and compatibility with Internet Explorer (IE). The speed problem is one we're working on aggressively (and swearing a lot about). The IE issue is bigger.

For now, the best browser to experience EatSleepRIDE is Chrome http://google.com/chrome it's free and downloads instantly.

What's changed in the new release?

Images are scroll-able in the list view so you get a bit more bike porn up front

Now you can tag location against every post - the benefit of that will come later when we get search working at it's best

You can tag content for other riders by typing @username in any open text field and the rider will be notified

Collecting routes and stories in +My garage is easier, simply click on +My garage and witness the magic

There's a sexy new Join Us page https://eatsleepride.com/signup

**Getting Started **

So set up your profile, add a few pictures + show off your bike(s)

Find + follow riders

Share a motorcycle route

Get motorcycle news

Explore step-by-step How-tos

Create a review on gear, bikes and other stuff

Thanks again for your support + enjoy the ride.

-Team ESR

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G'day Marina, Tried logging in today & we connected. Garners Motorcycle Tours is busy gearing up for the new summer season kicking off in October with an 8 day GS (Gravel Surfers) tour. Our FB site is facebook.com/NewZealandMotorcycleTours and www.garners.co.nz. New Webpage layout be here soon. Regards, Stuart


Hey Alex, that looks almost like the old Sharp Robot offices. Hey nice sock, are those official Pippy Longstocking fan club issue?

  • marina
  • 2011-11-15T05:40:16-05:00

Hi @BlueyMac looks like you're able to leave a comment! W00t. Can you upload pics or create maps in Chrome on Windows?

  • marina
  • 2011-11-14T16:01:42-05:00

Hi Stu let us know how it goes. Curious to know what version of windows you're running. That may be the problemo.


Hi dudes, still trying to connect with ESR. I am running Google Chrome, but still a no go. I am trying a new account/username, so fingers X. Stu from NZ

  • Jordan
  • 2011-11-12T10:22:49-05:00

great news. thanks for the update.