2011-11-14 12:51:40+0000 - Mayer, Arizona, United States
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  • 509km / 316 mi
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  • 6:02:23

I love Arizona. A few of my favorite places are Jerome (old mining town in the mountain), Sedona (home of the red rocks) and Flagstaff (must stop on your way to the Grand Canyon). This is a trip I want to take. If anyone has done this trip please let me know. FYI. I have started it in Phoenix as that maybe the easiest place for people to get to.

Jerome, AZ

Sedona, AZ

Flagstaff, AZ

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An amend to this trip would be to take the Grand 60 to hwy 87 and pick up the route through Prescott. This takes you through Skull Valley and White Spar and adds some great twisty roads to the route. Mingus up to Jerome has been resurfaced as well which has brought the fun back to the mountain.


Did most of it a couple weeks ago from Flagstaff. Jerome is a very cool place stuck on the side of a mountain with 10-15 mph speed limits. Well worth the time.


We did much of this road back in 82. Flew in to Phoenix after a week tramping around Yosemite, Bused up from Phoenix & a rental car around the area from Flagstaff. Stunning desert country & Indian ruins. Spent 4 nights tenting in Grand Canyon, tramped down to the bottom, over-nighted then walked back up via the Indian Gardens. Great people, great country, great time, great memories.

  • alex
  • 2011-11-14T09:47:12-05:00

That's a busy but fun looking road. I'd love to ride it, but only if that music's not playing in the background...


@alex here it is. You can see in the Jerome footage that they have quite a few bikes coming that way.


I hate you.