2011-11-14 16:49:00+0000 - Tanggul, East Java, Indonesia
  • Distance:
  • 279km / 173 mi
  • Duration:
  • 5:04:34

Did this top ride in 1996 on a Kawasaki 125

It looked much like the one above. Took two days. Very few pics -- kinda busy riding then, but have been looking for them.

I hit a dog in Ahmed

I stopped and looked to see if it was okay. Couldn't work out where the bugger ran to. Told the people sitting nearby on their stoop, and they laughed, saying, 'Yeah, nice hit.' Dogs are not the most loved creatures in SE Asia -- Bali folk don't even eat them.

I snorkel dived the WWII wreck at Tulemban

It's on Bali's east side, a few hundred feet off the beach, pretty deep down, so I didn't get very far in. Those beaches on the east side are mainly black lava sand, and so hot you can't walk barefoot or even sit on them during the toasting hours, around 9-5.

Returned about five years ago with a Suzuki...

...rental jeep (I had my girls) and took the road down into the Batur caldera, a giant volcano in the north, just to the west of Gunung Agung, the biggest volcano on Bali. The asphalt has ben laid right down over new lava and would be the most fun imaginable on a bike. If you go, don't even think of stopping into the Kintamani tourist money-parting depot as you pass through, just drop into the caldera road and you're free of all the super-aggro vendors.

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