Watching a MotoGP video on YouTube the other day, I spotted motorcyle champion Valentino Rossi's face on a Yamaha scooter ad. I clicked and wah-duh, here he was, speaking in semi-perfect, un-dubbed Indonesian.

It looked funny, but I wasn't following

I speak some Indonesian, but this was in machinegun-fast Jakarta slang. I asked my wife to translate -- she's from Bandung, two hours east of there.

Wife's verdict: Ad very funny

It goes something like this: The Indonesian couple are passed by a guy dressed like a road racer on a bike so fast it leaves them in a tattered mess. He returns, they give him a stiff dressing down about bad riding etiquette.

The rider removes his helmet, the Indonesian guy shouts, 'Woah, it's a white dude, on top of everything else!' and gives him a piece of his mind about riding around like he thinks he's Valentino Rossi.

But it is Rossi, and Rossi tells him, 'Ya, I'm Rossi. Valentino Rossi.' The couple realize it, the wife's instantly flirting and the two men appear in the final product shot, Rossi having a go at the Indonesian tagline which translates into something like: "As long as it's a Jupiter, the others are left behind."

Boy's got some acting chops. Tagline needs work though.

Me here:

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  • alex
  • 2011-12-16T05:42:56-05:00

Well, Rossi managed to squeeze out a couple of lines of dialogue. He may be a racer, but I'm sure he's smart given a decent voice coach

  • marina
  • 2011-12-14T18:19:10-05:00

Fantastic! Rossi speaks Indonesian!