It's snowing outside, at least here in Montreal. The streets are covered and icy. Here from the warm safety of my blankets I am checking out this internet thing which is full of information from and about people from all over the world. During my search I am reminded, that although I am wearing layers of clothes and staying warm inside, that it is summer in Australia. So my interest peaks when I see a story in the Bendigo Advertiser that the Bengigo Scooter Club is crusin'. I like the idea that people are on weekly rides and I am very excited that the club consists of all ages, genders and models of bikes. So you can be 80 years old or a new rider or own a motorcycle. Seems like nice people just getting together to ride. It sounds exciting that they can go to Tasmania for the day. I never put much perspective on getting to Tasmania or what a person may see there. So below are five things I think I would like to see in Tasmania, where it is warm and you could be riding your bike. Stay warm or cool out there where ever you are.

Bendigo Scooter Club is crusin'

1) Sheffield - The Town of Murals. Take the audio tour to find out how a rural community became an outdoor art gallery.

2) Tasmazia & the Villiage of Lower Crackpot - Located in the town of Promised Land in the heart of Cradle Mountain and Lakes District you will find 8 mazes including the world's largest The Great Maze.

3) Port Arthur & Isle Of Dead - Tasmania's early history is directly linked to the convicts that were brought to the island. There are many sites and tours to choose from. Port Arthur reflects it's time as a penal colony with a collection of preserved buildings. Take the ferry across to the Isle of the Dead or Dead Island to visit the historial burial grounds of free settlers and convicts from the early 1800's.

4) New Norfolk - Village square and the centre of hop-growing area. Oast houses and antique shopping.

5) Hasting Caves - In the Huon Valley and formed approx. 40 million years ago, the caves were found in 1917 when timber workers discovered an entrance. Tour the caves and see flowstones, shawls and relax in a thermal pool.

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