Motorcycle commuting has jumped to cope with obscenely high traffic levels around the world. Key technique to get through traffic is known as lane splitting, which is legal in California.

Lane splitting has developed to greet the desire to travel faster than 10 miles per hour on long and hot multi-lane highways. Many motorcycle riders have developed this into an art form. "Among the brave (or insane) in order to survive, they have honed their bodies, minds and machines to razor's edge sharpness, but mostly they're just nuts."

Here we present, YamahaRsex

Could lane splitting could be the global solution for motorcycle safety?

Motorcycle safety researcher Steve Guderian compares instances of rear-end collisions in California - where lane splitting is not expressly prohibited - to states with similar riding seasons and number of riders.

"Moving a motorcycle from behind traffic to a position next to traffic changes the risk to the motorcycle. All crash situations will comply with physical laws. Comparing the collision dynamics of a rear-end impact to a motorcycle involved in a lane-sharing accident reveals that lane-sharing represents a safer overall situation for motorcyclists. A motorcycle that is lane-sharing is no longer exposed to the full-force of a rear-end impact. Rather, the dynamic is more similar to a sideswipe lane-changing impact, which is an incomplete force contact." says the study.

About the Route

The Cajon Pass is at an elevation of almost 4,000 feet is a mountain pass between the San Bernardino Mountains and the San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California in the US. The Cajon Pass basically connects the San Bernadino area with the Los Angeles metropolitain area and provides links to the Victor Valley and Las Vegas as well as San Diego.

There's a lot of traffic moving through the area. The Mojave Freeway (I-15) is a major route built in 1969 over the Cajon Summit west of the Cajon Pass and the freeway runs above and parallel to an original stretch of historic Route 66 - it's a long stretch of road and no better, faster way to get though it than on a motorcycle.

There are a number of routes to get through the Cajon Pass but I've not found any that look interesting. Most look borring. If you've got routes to share - please comment or add a route here:


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  • alex
  • 2012-01-24T06:12:14-05:00

Having ridden lane-splitting in the UK and Italy, it can definitely say it's desirable and quite safe. The only problem with introducing it in North America is the drivers who think it's more important to use their cellphone/drink coffee/apply cosmetics than it is to either look or signal where they are going. The collective term for these people is, of course, ALL OF THEM.

Mind you, if the traffic laws about distracted driving were actually enforced, we'd be fine.