2012-02-05 23:56:35+0000

Simply the works! Seems like this bike has it all plus a hot look to make it a well-rounded, everyday machine. It's offroad appeal isn't the only thing attracting riders, as Kawasaki has considerably bumped the engine size from their 2011 Versys (650cc) to a whopping 1000cc!

It's classified as 'adventure sport' which can mean lots of possibilities for all you long distance riders. Some of its features caught my eye while studying the anatomy of this upright and comfortable motorcycle. Its easy to use retractable luggage calls for a quick getaway to any offroad trails or road trips to the country side. its adjustable windscreen makes any size rider feel comfortable under high speeds or strong winds. You don't even need a tool kit! Just rotate two knobs and adjust the height to your preference. Pretty cool if you want to swap bikes with your riding buddy for a quick test ride.

Deja vu? its probably because you're thinking of the BMW R1200 GS, which offers almost identical features and some would say modeled the way for adventure bike. However, since its release in Europe, I feel as though Kawasaki's new Versys will make a name for itself in the touring industry as many miles are planned to be conquered on this versatile machine.

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I love my Versys 650, and the reviews convinced me that I'd like the Versys 1000. Unfortunately it's not available in the states this year and I caught a great deal on an R1200GSA. Anyone want to buy a Versys 650?


After gazing at the '72 Z1 900 for the last hour while writing about it, I can't call the Versys anything but fugly.

  • alex
  • 2012-02-07T05:40:48-05:00

I dunno - I like the idea of the Versys and a lot of people like them but for me, 17" wheels means its pretty much a street bike that isn't entirely crap off-road. I really need to find one to ride to be sure