Sounds like a good idea to me.

It's certainly happened to me, too. Riding along, there's a red so you pull up and stop. Fair enough. There's nothing coming, and you watch the pedestrian cross lights change. 4...3...2...1 and then? Nothing. The red guy does't show up and he stays white. In other words, no matter how long you sit there, this is all you see

The problem is, like most things, the road was designed for cars. The increasingly-common sensors are simply not capable of detecting motorcycles or other smaller vehicles. If you're on a bicycle, that's fine as you can push it across the cross walk, but as motorcyclists, your recourse is to either jump off and hit the cross walk button OR you can chance a ticket.

In illinois, that seems to no longer be a choice - after an indeterminate period of time, you can "run" the light. Problem is, that time period is not defined. For me, if you come to a complete stop and then proceed (if it's safe) that should be fine.

Now, if only Ontario would implement something similar...

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  • 2012-02-07T10:03:34-05:00

Been there, done that. In California, not Illinois. I have friends that have been ticketed and had the courts dismiss the charges. The keywords are "defective sensor" and "proceeded with caution" I wait for 2 full cycles of the light if there is a left turn signal that is not being tripped, or about a minute if there is no traffic/extra turn signal. I then say out-loud "This light is defective, I should proceed with caution" Just in case there is a cop waiting in the bushes to nab me.