2012-02-24 09:45:28+0000

Disclosure: I'm not a huge Harley fan (ask @teramuto), but from time to time I do run across one that makes me think again.

This one, by Hookie Customs in Germany ( http://thehookie.de/filter/Projects/HD-Sportster-XL-883 ) is based on an '87 Sportster XL883, which means it used to look like this

So far, so not interested...

But then Hookie designs did a bit of this stuff: 869ccm Engine, Keihin carburator, head & front light, grips, rear & front fender, mini signals, mini speedometer, 38mm front fork, 19" front and rear wheel, Firestone ANS tires 4.00 front and rear, Solo seat, Custom mufflers. It winds up looking like this:

Would love to know how much weight it lost, but that is looking good. Closer look? Sure

Definitely an improvement. Tank a little too stock? Found this in an unrelated post that I would totally have gone for

As I said, I'm not a huge Harley fan, but I would certainly welcome this into my garage. Sadly, it sold already. There's a few other bikes at the hookie website, but nothing quite this nice

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  • nick303
  • 2012-02-28T09:35:04-05:00

I like it! Badass. The different wheels / tires and removal of fenders does wonders for that bike.

  • alex
  • 2012-02-28T05:36:08-05:00

@teramuto - dude, if you are serious, I'll do it. If you see a cheap sportster 883, let me know. Actually, what happend to yours? Give you $200 for it - I've seen how it was ridden, remember ;)


Hey @Alex. If it means you riding a harley I would be happy to fab that up for you. Just get me the donor bike.