2011-06-06 15:07:52+0000

If you've got a motorcycle, parts or gear to sell what better place to list it than a site full of motorcyclists? Classifieds are completely free for you to post, so go ahead and list whatever you've got to sell. If you're wanting to buy or trade, the same applies for anything you might be looking for, so post it and you never know what will turn up from another user on ESR!

Make sure your title is descriptive so it's clear what you're selling or looking for from the get-go. You can use these common abbreviations at the begging of your title to indicate what type of classified it is FS: For Sale / FA: For Auction / WTB: Wanted To Buy. Next up is the price. You'll get the best results if you actually include an asking price, so make sure you have one that's reasonable for what you're selling. Your location (or more specifically, the location of what you're selling) is also important since ESR reaches a global audience. Finally, add the details. The more detailed the description you provide, the better you're classified will do for you. This is a great place to insert some photos and perhaps a video as well. Our final tip is to also use the tags to help identify your classified ad, it'll give you a better chance of someone finding it.

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