2011-06-06 15:10:52+0000

We're all here for bikes right? We assume you're nodding... So, make sure you add at least one to your profile. You don't have to own the bike, or even have owned it in the past, maybe it's a bike you've been lusting after and hope to own someday. Whatever the reason, to add a bike to your profile, go to the create button and select "add a bike" (you can also find the link at the top of "my bikes" within your profile). Here you can add a photo and all of the information about your bike, which we know you're eager to share. In order to have the bike you're adding appear in your profile check "yes" for "do you own this bike?". You can add as many bikes to your profile as you like, we of course encourage owning as many as possible.

Adding a bike is not just for when you want to include it with your profile, you can add any old random bike to the site. If you don't want to have it associated with your profile, just make sure you check "no" for "do you own this bike?".

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