2011-06-07 12:22:53+0000

So, Marina and I were out and about riding around Milton, ON, on Sunday. There's always a reason to stop, in this case for a sip of water and a nerve- calming five minutes after leaving the highway - Marina still isn't used to it.

Refreshed, we set off, but we have to turn around. Me, being cavalier, turn in the tightest circle possible. Marina, being a completely new rider, is somewhat less fortunate. She get's part way around but is staring at the curb. I have the intercom on, so I tell her to look at me and keep going. She does, and sure enough starts to tighten up. But shortly after there's a minor squeal in the headset and the striple is lying on the floor.

I kill the engine and run the ten yards back to Marina, now lying prostrate in the middle of the road but thankfully clear of the bike. After checking she's OK and waving the cars past (at least one of whom I'm sure is laughing) I haul the bike up and put it on the side stand.

Marina is completely fine: A little bruising to the knee, but a far greater bruising to the ego. It's nothing she won't physically recover from, but the confidence needs work. Besides, it's all happened to us at some point. Sure, we may not have dropped the bike on a turn, but we've all had that moment where we lacked confidence and/or concentration and something bad happened.

The damage to the striple was minor. A little road-rash to the engine cover and a mildly bent clutch lever. It was so slow, i'm surprised it was that bad.

Marina however fared much better. Within minutes she was back on and riding hard. Milton has some nice scary turns, like rattlesnake point for example, and I'm pleased to say she's improving greatly. I'd like to take credit for teaching her, but I think it's more her unwillingness to fail. She surprised me even more when we got home and said we should ride to Quebec city in a couple of weeks.

I half suspect in a few years, she'll be pulling past me on the inside corner of turns...

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