2011-06-10 10:19:15+0000

There's a reason we built this site: Most motorcycling websites aren't that great. They either focus on one type of bike or one style of riding. Or they're usually bulletin boards, which are often limited in interaction (and long on flame wars). Or they completely lack any relevant content. I could go on...

We're aiming to be different.

Firstly, this site is developed by people who literally do nothing but Eat, Sleep and Ride. OK, we code and we write too, but we're still dreaming of riding and we've built everything with an eye to what motorcyclists need.

Secondly, this is merely the first step. We have lots of ideas and this place is going to get way better over the next few months.

And thirdly, it's about you: The every day biker. You could be the vintage enthusiast, spending every spare minute restoring your latest project. You could be the dirt rider for whom tarmac is anathema. Your rides might consist of easy cruises in the country, long distance hauls across a continent or simply the thrill of clean tarmac and hitting the perfect apex with your knee touching down. It doesn't matter what you dream of, our team do it all too, and we want you to share your stories and your point of view.

The best way to get started is to sign up using that big green button at the top right that says JOIN NOW. After that, the big green button at the top left that says CREATE is your friend. Post a story, upload some photos or tell us about your favourite route. If that's not for you leave some comments on something that does interest you.

If you have no idea what's going on, hit the HELP link, top right. There should be something there to help you get started.

Finally, if you have some ideas or something's not working the way you want, hit the FEEDBACK tab at the top left and tell us.

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