2012-10-01 09:44:38+0000 - Thompson and Meserve's Purchase, New Hampshire, United States of America
  • Distance:
  • 11.2km / 6.9 mi
  • Duration:
  • 26:58

For some reason, I first read about this place in a Guinness book of world records or some similar article. The highest peak in the North East US, it's probably most famous for having the highest directly measured wind speed of 231mph. That, and there's a road directly up to the summit.

Mount Washington on Wikipedia

I've always been fascinated by the place and after finding myself in Vermont this past weekend, decided to head over (it's not that far).

When I arrived, I was just 10 minutes too late to climb it. Sad, as I'd hoped to see the sunset but I was told that would make the drive down too perilous. That and there was too much cloud (the rain should have given that away) so there would be no sunset.

Returning the next morning, I was told the mountain was closed for the day. The current weather system had the temperature down to 20F (about -10C). That, and there was still a lot of cloud. I guess it's a summer thing.

For now, all I can do is watch the footage and consider coming back next year

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